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What We Do

An in depth needs assessment.  Whether your problem has a long history or is relatively recent, we’ll take a detailed look at what might be contributing to it.  You’ll tell your story. 

An individualized action plan.  We’ll set some goals.  You’ll get them in writing.  We’ll talk about what to do, why the order matters, and ways to build momentum as we go.

Follow-up.  Any good strategy needs to be flexible.  We assess, revise, move forward, all with the aim of removing obstacles to health, building on health assets, and cultivating resilience.


Our mission is to support the prevention and reversal of chronic health conditions and to help our clients cultivate a resilience that fosters lasting health.

Who We Serve
We welcome children and adults with all types of health challenges, including those with auto-immune conditions, digestive disorders, autism, developmental delays, allergies, ADHD, asthma, anxiety, mood disorders, eczema, behavior problems, fatigue, sleep problems, weight problems, and pesky conditions that have no name.

The Plan

Navigating Across Health Disciplines for Best Results.  Many chronic health conditions benefit from more than one type of professional support.  But which ones?  And when?  In order to prevent costly or time consuming mistakes, we help you prioritize your next steps taking into consideration the specific nature of your problem as well as your financial reality, personal situation, and geographic constraints.  There are no one-size fits all solutions.  We will meet you where you are.

Support for Lifestyle Modifications. Lifestyle modifications can have a profound impact on health and are still often underestimated.  We’ll make recommendations designed to optimize the body’s ability to restore balance.  Small steps add up to larger results.

Individualized nutrition and supplements.  What are you eating and what are you taking?  We understand that what’s healthy for one person’s system may be the opposite for another person’s system, or what works at one phase of life may be contraindicated in another.  There are no one size fits all solutions. We’ll customize your plan.

Lab testing and lab review.  If you already have lab results we’ll take them into consideration.  If lab testing seems warranted, we’ll make some suggestions.  You’ll be able to take those suggestions to your doctor or, in many cases, order desired labs on your own.  We’ll show you how.

MTHFR and full methylation support.  Nutrigenomics can be powerful.  If you have an MTHFR mutation or a full methylation profile we will help you interpret those results and identify ways to support any ‘fault lines’ that happen to be in your system.

Emotions and Belief Systems. What you believe to be true about your or your child’s health condition will have a profound impact on your ability to transform it.  It can take some work to really comprehend how your emotions and your beliefs are influencing the situation.