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About Josie

Josie Nelson is a certified health coach, an ethicist, an advocate, and a lifetime student of holistic health.  With a skillful mix of insight and analysis, Josie consults on a wide range of integrative health matters and helps her clients navigate the landscape of quick fixes, fad products, expensive treatments, limiting beliefs, and fear based reasoning that can stand in the way of optimal health.

People who meet with Josie find her friendly, insightful, well-informed, and resourceful.  Whether Josie is reading a health history, listening closely to a client, strategizing about next steps, or looking at a set of recent lab results, Josie is always interested in the details and the big picture.       

Before Josie learned to be a health practitioner she trained in history, philosophy, religion and ethics while on a path to a doctoral degree at The University of Chicago.  She also worked in management consulting with both industrial engineering clients, health industry clients, and on business ethic initiatives. 

While this is not the typical path of an integrative health practitioner, the experience proved invaluable to Josie.  Not only did it develop her capacity to look at a problem from many different angles, to spot an incomplete or incoherent answer, and to work patiently and systematically through details, it taught her how to regroup when real life experience collides with theory.

Josie also had an unusual opportunity to think deeply about what health actually is, how commonly held ideas about health have changed over time, and about factors that influence the advancement or decline of human well-being.  These experiences helped her to become an excellent health detective on behalf of her clients. 

Josie has degrees from Georgetown University and the University of Chicago Divinity School.  She is a certified holistic health coach and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Whether she is attending a conference or workshop, searching the published literature, reading for context, or talking with a mentor, Josie is frequently learning new information and loves to share that with her clients. 

Josie’s skill set includes the ability to work with children and adults on personalized nutrition and supplements, functional laboratory analysis and lab review, applied nutrigenomics with a particular debt to the work of Amy Yasko, emotional and spiritual dimensions of chronic illness, and an understanding of physiology that helps her identify when specialized assessments might be warranted

Josie’s personal interests include five element theory and energy medicine.  She has been practicing Qi Gong since 2008, learned Reiki in the Usui lineage, and is a student in Damo Mitchell’s Lotus Nei Gong School of Daoist Arts.     

Josie has witnessed the profound impact of an approach to health that includes informed consent, access to real food, integrative medicine, and healing modalities not typically embraced by mainstream medicine. She once held elected office in the District of Columbia and lived to tell about it.  She has been blessed with two healthy children, a fine sense of humor, and great teachers.

About Integrative Health Strategies

Integrative Heath Strategies was born of two key observations.  The first observation is that effective solutions for chronic health conditions demand a multi-pronged approach.  When we look beyond a person’s symptoms and search out root cause, we will often find that a problem is operating on several levels all at once.  Because the tools we need to address one level might not be the tools we need to address another, it’s important to devise a truly integrative strategy.

The second observation is that lots of people don’t really have a strategy.  In fact, many people are so used to ‘outsourcing’ their health to doctors and other professionals who cannot be held responsible for it, that their own instincts really suffer.  While it may seem convenient at first, this habit may leave people vulnerable to health interventions that are not really suitable for them, especially if recommended by an expert doctor, healer, or guru who is more than happy to tell them exactly what to do to fix their problem (or convince them it can’t be fixed).

As a coach it is always Josie’s goal to help clients cultivate their own best instincts.  Josie can often be heard to say “Don’t outsource your health.  Trust your instincts.  …but learn to cultivate them and don’t trust them blindly.”